Advanced Working Environment

One place - all the right conditions for success

An innovative, fun and more advanced work environment with all the advantages and services that employees value
The Matam Park provides companies and employees with a service, management and maintenance bundle that makes work and everything around it more efficient, focused and enjoyable. The park offers clinic, banking, dry cleaning and post services, restaurants, shops, a gas station and charging stations for electric vehicles. In addition, the park offers a sports and fitness complex, an auditorium, a kindergarten complex, bicycle paths and lush gardens to relax, get inspired or hold informal meetings. These facilities, services and solutions form an exceptional work environment that appeals to high quality human capital and helps retain your employees.

Mobile ATM Gas Station

Gas Station

Post Office


Travel Agency

Clean Box - Dry Cleaning, Ironing And Laundry Service

Occupational Clinic

Kinder Gardens

Shuttle Service From The Train Station

Parking Management

Control Center


Energy Center

Advanced Maintenance Services

Recycling And The Environment


The space and home of the Geb-Yam community and the Haifa and northern ecosystem. With us, you can find a wide variety of enriching and community experiences – professional meetings, career development workshops and fascinating meetings for personal empowerment and skill improvement, entertainment and leisure events and more.
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Park Services

From restaurants, supermarkets, fitness and leisure to kindergartens – everything you need, within reach.

"Poke Van" Restaurant

Street food made in Hawaii. which includes, among other things, a selection of fresh and high-quality fish, combined with nutritious carbohydrates, diverse vegetables and with the addition of surprising sauces.
You can order through the Sibus TAKE A WAY and pick up.

The restaurant is located in the Matam Towers lobby 1.

Paname contemporary baking

A bakery cafe that offers fresh and delicious pastries every day, along with fine coffee and a good atmosphere. The place is also known for the fresh pastas, the indulgent breakfasts, the varied sandwiches, and the great ice creams that you can take home.
You get a snack. You can make orders on WhatsApp and come pick up.

The restaurant is located at the exit of Matam Towers 3 into the park.

Pauza a moment of food

Fast food and home food restaurant that includes grilled meats, hot side dishes, individually assembled salads, soups and daily specials: couscous, challah on schnitzel, Jerusalem mix and more. Kosher under the supervision of the Rabbinate.
Working with Sibus and Ten Bis. Until 11 o’clock you can order delivery, after that self-collection.

The restaurant is located in the Matam Towers lobby 3.

SanFlowers by Sandra

A stand offering a wide variety of flower pots, personalized flower arrangements, birthday bouquets, balloons and more.
You can order in advance for self-pickup or deliveries.

Open Sunday-Thursday 10:00-18:00

The stand is in the lobby of Matam Towers 1